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Spiritual Entrepreneur Stories: Shala W. Graham

Meet Shala W. Graham, Shala is the President of Calling Qualified Ministries, who's mission is to help women find their calling to Jesus wherever they are in life. Her ministry offers different programs, retreats, and events to help women reach this goal.

Shala is also a pastor who speaks at churches and conferences across the United States. She also writes devotions for Proverb 31 Ministries. You can check out Shala's ministry here:

In true Spiritual Entrepreneur fashion, Shala also has her own photography business called Shala W. Graham Photography, where she helps women feel confident in front of the camera by capturing headshots and personal branding photos that bring out the natural you, making you confident in sharing your photos. You can visit Shala's photography website here:

Shala is a great example of a faith-based spiritual entrepreneur who has a thriving ministry as well as a commercial business. She expands love and inspires confidence in women wherever she goes!

Shala Graham - Image source and Copyright
Shala Graham - Image source and Copyright


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