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Cross Purpose-Denver, Co.

Cross Purpose all started with a group of a dozen people that had a passion to live out their faith differently. That group sought an answer to this question, "What would it be like if we gave the best 30 years of our lives to one mission, with one people, in one place?" In doing that they made a commitment to a neighborhood in Northeast Denver.

There they founded Providence Bible Church, where all members be involved in the community. Providence started ministries to single moms, people coming out of incarceration, refugees and families living in poverty. The people society has left behind.

In 2012 they decided to take a different approach and merged all ministries into a seperate community development a non-profit called Upstream Impact. Which led to the new mission of Cross Purpose: "to abolish economic, relational and spiritual poverty through career and community development."

In 2014 they started a faith-based non-profit they took the same model and incorporated faith elements into it.

In 2016 they merged Upstream Impact and Cross Purpose into one faith based organization while leaving faith development optional.

In 2017 they were able to lease a building in Northeast Denver which became their headquarters.

In 2020 their first five year plan saw 1,000 men, women and children escape poverty.

In 2021 the second five year plan was launched, which includes expanding to four locations. They are serving a total of 800 families per year.

Cross Purpose offers career readiness, job training, certifications and getting employed for free. They offer, trades, construction, medical, CDL, culinary, admin/customer service and IT/tech.

You can learn more about what this organization has to offer by visiting:


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