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How the quiz supports your journey

Personalized Feedback

You will receive personalized feedback on your strengths, behaviors (DISC) and motivators. Describing how your communicate and what types of work will feel meaningful. 

Career Matches

Receive dozens of careers that match you. Get information on how to land that career without a four-year degree, how much it pays, associations that support it, and educational programs to get your there. 

Reflections and Goals

Your results profile asks introspective reflection questions to help you go deeper.  Answer them right in the application. You can also write down your dreams and goals and revisit them anytime. 

How your quiz results will look


For the whole family

The career quiz is for the whole family and is helpful for improving communication and bridging hearts toward a better understanding of each other! Even middle school students can start exploring careers now. The Foundation's partnership with Indigo allows us to provide the IndigoPathway family guide free of charge. 

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