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Self-Awareness Assessment

Sheri Smith, the founder of Bridging Hearts, collaborated with her Indigo team to develop a free seven-minute self-awareness assessment, IndigoPathway. This assessment evaluates your behaviors (DISC) and motivators, and helps you discover career pathways that are the best fit for you.

Other Assessments

Self-awareness plays a vital role in the journey of spiritual entrepreneurs, and assessments serve as an excellent starting point for this process. Here are a few other assessments that we, at Bridging Hearts, recommend and find valuable.

Audience and Lecturer

Spiritual Entrepreneur Topics

We will regularly share topics related to spiritual entrepreneurship, drawing from both our blog and book. You can explore the articles here to delve into various aspects of this subject.

Self-Development Tools

After spiritual entrepreneurs have achieved self-awareness, we highly recommend utilizing tools that facilitate personal growth. Here are a few recommended tools that you might find beneficial for your own journey.

Books and Branch
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