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Praying Together

About Us

About the Founder of Bridging Hearts

Sheri A. Smith

Founder and CEO of Indigo

A career entrepreneur, Sheri was integral in several start-ups. In 1998, Sheri designed the first website hosted at the US Department of State for Vital Voices, a global women’s rights initiative.

Sheri is an expert in assessment technology, which is used to humanize the workplace. Try Indigo’s free self-awareness career quiz at

Sheri’s is passionate about supporting Spiritual Entrepreneurs who run an enterprise with the purpose of expanding love, not extracting gain. “Many people measure their value against external achievements. We need to redefine our values to see the intrinsic strengths in individuals and communities,” Smith said. “Our future innovators will be defined by their connectedness, love of learning, and possessing the self-awareness and humility to make a difference.”

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