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Spiritual Entrepreneur Stories: Sacred Spiritual Counseling

This week's featured entrepreneur is Randi Wren. Randi is a spiritual health specialist, theologian, chaplain and counselor. With twenty-five years of experience she specializes in helping clients make meaning and find purpose in their own lives.

Randi currently has her own private psycho-spiritual practice, where she specializes in issues of finding meaning and passions, healing from loss and trauma, despair, sadness, anxiety, anger, guilt and fear, as well as with issues of death, grief and the afterlife. You can read more about Randi and her work and all she has to offer at www,

Words from Randi, " I provide hope and purpose. Which says something can be done with help, and that's hugely empowering. My belief is good counselors have hope and instill hope in their clients. There is something that can be done, and we can do it together."

Randi Wren

"Passing on love and hope is our greatest gift to others, and we raise our own in giving that." -Randi Wren-

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