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Spiritual Entrepreneur Stories: Mia Jett

Mia Jett - Spiritual Entrepreneur with her granddaughter

In her own words

Hi my name is Mia Jett I am a 48-year-old spiritual entrepreneur although I never really had a name for it until I read Sheri's book. I have struggled with many things in my life including my faith mental illness addiction and homelessness. I started a blogging website where I talk about those subjects from a first-hand point of view. I want to bring awareness to people who really have no idea what it's like for people like me on a daily basis.

Besides reaching out to the world to bring awareness I am hoping to find a way to reach out to the people like me where they are right now in their own Darkness not make them feel like they have to be perfect. Such as sitting down next to people who may have a drink in their hands and just talking to them about things I have gone through and hoping to give them a glimpse of Hope and a feeling of love the way Jesus loves us. Through my struggles, I have found that most people are afraid to sit down at a homeless camp and just talk to people because they're scared or just can't honestly relate to what they might be going through.

Mia’s dreams

  • My dream is to build a Ministry to put together sack lunches that include a positive message inside. Sometimes reading something positive changes your whole day. Passing out lunches is a way to tell people what I have overcome and give them hope.

  • I would really also like to do speaking engagements on these subjects so people can hear what it's like from someone that's been there. Please email me with any opportunities to speak.

  • I'm hoping to finance my Ministry with donations but also through my own work making and selling items such as handmade clothes dresses costumes and making and selling pallet furniture or flower boxes. Sign-up for my blog to get updates on these projects.

They say Be the Change you want to see in the world and that's what I'm praying to do.

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