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Glean Network, START Self-Paced

Bridging Hearts' partner, the Glean Network, has recently launched an exciting new course designed for aspiring spiritual entrepreneurs! Below, you'll find additional information about the course and details on how to sign up.

Since 2016, Glean Network has trained and supported nearly 200 faith-rooted leaders with the foundational tools of entrepreneurship to innovate courageously, and build new models of faith and hope in action. To build on this momentum and widen access to this necessary education for faith-rooted leaders, Glean Network is proud to now offer this MBA-level course in a self-paced format, providing immediate access to 10 proven modules designed to move you from idea to impact.

Participants and members of our network will be given the opportunity to access the course with a 30% discount when you use promo code: STARTTODAY

START your entrepreneurship journey today!


Please read our post about the Glean Network for more information.

The Glean Network stands out as a transformative platform dedicated to supporting and empowering spiritual entrepreneurs. By fostering a sense of community, providing valuable resources, offering mentorship programs, encouraging collaboration, and organizing events, the network equips entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed in their spiritual business ventures.


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