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Find Meaning on your Journey

Welcome to the Foundation for Bridging Hearts 

We're dedicated to helping individuals explore their own hearts, understand others, and connect with their Creator.


Our mission is to source and promote educational resources for meaningful journeys, with a focus on Spiritual Entrepreneurs who aim to expand love with their work!

Resources for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Free Resources

We continuously add free resources, ranging from assessments to information and techniques, to support Spiritual Entrepreneurs and anyone else seeking meaning on their life journey.

Spiritual Entrepreneur Stories

Sharing the stories of Spiritual Entrepreneurs is an important part of our work.


Read and be inspired! 


Find organizations and programs that support Spiritual Entrepreneurs. Find out how to become a listed partner.

Find your community!

What is a Spiritual Entrepreneur

A spiritual entrepreneur is someone who runs an enterprise with the purpose of expanding love, not extracting gain.


Spiritual entrepreneurs operate with the tension of having to deliver material products or services while maintaining a focus on non-material aspects of humanity.


They are constantly holding the three primary dimensions of founder, employee, and business with simultaneous focus on:
1.    Personal growth  
2.    Development of others
3.    Elevation of human consciousness and/or revealing the kingdom of heaven on earth via their mission. 

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